Friday, September 29, 2017

Murrdurr's Ragnarok, 300 killmarks, dies to his own de-cloak

Doing everything right...except one mistake.

TLDR: Rag died.

Moving a titan through different parts of low sec can be a pretty scary ordeal.  Murrdurr knows how to move his ships and have avoided fake "freeport" citadels across New Eden.

With over 300 killmarks on his titan, a survivor of B-R, and most of the time involved in solo or small gang situations, he is well adept to getting out and surviving.

How he got caught

After he self destructed his cyno and got his titan in to a safe location, Murrdurr was happy, he was one step closer on his journey without anyone catching him.  Then he remembered he had extra cyno ships in his titan.  Maybe instead of going after a rookie ship and finding a cyno module elsewhere, he could just conveniently get the cyno ship from his cargo hold?  Yes, that will work...

"So it was a combination of bad luck, bad decisions and good hunting. I jumped to an SD cyno, fleet warped myself to a safe and cloaked the titan. NP.  GG.  new glass off wine.  Warped my cyno pod to the titan (bad decision) to get a new ship.  Just after I entered warp +1 local. I jetisoned a cyno ship and warped to another safe as I was decloaked by my own toon."

Wait, you died to your own decloak?

"Bounced twice and thought I was clear of probes so cloaked while I was getting my out cyno in position.  Pretty much, otherwise I'd have been safe..."

So there you go boys, in EVE, some folks are just baller combat probers. Despite your hyperspatial rigs, despite inertia stabs - someone can still actually work CCP's new EVE probing UI with no problem.

He wanted to give some kudos to the hunters that killed him:

"Well done to the guys on being super on the ball"

Special thanks to Murrdurr for providing this point of view and last screenshot of his rag.

Gallitin is a new writer for Venturing Into Eve.  A high sec freighter pilot that likes to cyno hunt from time to time.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tau AD: The Master Baiter of the first Vanquisher

Tau AD's greatest catch

Tau AD is the leader, and main fleet commander (FC) of Project Mayhem, a low sec PVP alliance. A day or so after killing the most expensive capital in New Eden, he sat down with me to talk about his Vanquisher kill.

A kill valued almost $5,800 USD according to zkillboard.

2 boring ops and 1 good one

After 3 ops spanning over 7.5 hours, Tau AD finally got his prize. Twice now, Ghost Legion members have ignored his attempts at baiting, but this time he had the perfect plan.

He would use something more unorthodox to bait them: a fake battle.

He contacted achtung partizanen, a Russian wormhole group, and Really Strong Alliance, a low sec gang, to bait out Ghost Legion in the low sec system of Maila.

They would wait for a wormhole to spawn, and achtung would pretend to close it with a dread. Really Strong Alliance would come in and play as if they tackled the dread.

The Imperfect Hole

For hours, Tau AD waited and finally saw a wormhole spawn, he was initially overjoyed until he realized it was a C2.

Tau AD: "Yes we got lucky and had c2 wormhole in Maila...which can't let dread pass."

Would Ghost Legion fall for the trick knowing that dreads actually can't go through a C2? With chances getting slim and another weekend about to end, he made the call to ping. Prep up, it's game on!

achtung warped in a dread pretending to close a wormhole, and Really Strong Alliance's scout cyno'd in a fleet on top of the dread. With CONCORD rules being violated in low sec, local started blinking like a Christmas tree.

The bait was set.  The entire solar system knew there was a fight.

Within a few minutes, Ghost Legion warped in a scout to the cyno.  Based on the ships on grid, Ghost Legion raged formed a Bhaalgorn fleet with 6 Apostles, and logged in supers, and titans. Shortly thereafter, they warped the fleet to the "fake battle" and started engaging Really Strong Alliance's fleet.

Really Strong Alliance counter escalated with dreads and wiped out Legion's faxes almost instantly.

Adrenaline's Hubris: Supers, undock!

Not satisfied with their performance and losses versus an inferior alliance that pretends to be strong, Ghost Legion reshipped into tanky T3Cs and Guardians. They came back on grid to continue the battle. Thanks to Strong's logistics (fax), and to the Legion's Guardians, neither side could break each other.

For almost 30 minutes, both sides attempted to shoot each other to no avail. No one was dying.

Finally, Ghost Legion's FC had enough. "Supers, undock!"

The call was made to bring the big toys.  It's time to put this matter to an end.  The Legion's plan was simple, warp in at range and let fighter bombers take care of the rest.


Tau AD saw 8 supers, and then unexpectedly, a Vendetta undocked as well as...a Vanquisher!  The supers fleet warped and the Vanquisher went to a separate ping about 100km away from the super blob.  As the supers attempted to volley Really Strong Alliance, and as the Vanquisher initiated a doomsday, Tau AD was spamming combat probes.  The combat probes would allow him to warp to the enemy instantly.

With his heart pounding, he decloaked to get the warp in to the most expensive catch that he will ever have in his entire life!  And then....bug.

"Dude fuck CCP," complained an exposed Tau AD. "I scanned the Vanquisher first time to 100% but couldn't warp to it."

Thankfully, after spamming the warp button and punching his desk over and over again, the stars aligned, and he was able to warp.

Landing on top of the Vanquisher, he lit his cyno to bring in the rest of Project Mayhem and Tau AD's allies, Snuff.  The rest as they history.

Special thanks from Tau

Hy Wanto Destroyer - Snuff FC
Tek Enetheru - Project Mayhem FC
All the actors.

RiotRick is a diplomat for SLYCE, one of the oldest industrial alliances of New Eden.