Saturday, June 18, 2016

One Bomber Holds The Line vs Goon Strat Op Fleet

The Goons are coming! Strat op all the things!

In World War Bee, Goons have been known to utilize hit and run tactics and leverage their siege bomber fleets effectively against entities that do not know how to deal with them. Bunched up together, these bombers are like mini-dreadnaughts. Then enter the industrial alliance called SLYCE, who was busy having fun brawls with Pandemic Horde and was stuck in the Fade region.

Scouts initially detected that the 22 bombers were after a small POS that was yet to be onlined. Yes, looking for some sort of victory, the Goons wanted to send a message that they too could kill structures, that their bark was real and that today -- this day -- an offline POS would go down. Marked as a strategic objective and pinged a couple times, Get Off My Lawn and Goonswarm Federation pilots bridged into Venal, with their flags running high on marching orders to harass SLYCE and kill this POS.

The SLYCE response: one bomber, one Tayra, and one sabre.

The SLYCE response was slightly more timid: "Oh it's those bombers again, LOL". Led by elite mining FC, Vlad Starlord, it was his mission to fend off the CFC bomber armada and to save a tower that was not online yet. Initially, the "battle" started with the CFC fleet bouncing around different pings, attempting to get better position on POSes to shoot them at optimal range. They were also trying to avoid the lone SLYCE sabre, piloted by fpshacker, who kept warping to their group and cloaking up.

Using a solo bomber, Vlad was able to finally navigate around their fleet as they tried to hit the offline POS. The SLYCE mining FC immediately asked the Tayra industrial pilot to warp to the offline POS and put fuel blocks/stront on it. Frustrated that it was now going online, the Goons immediately refocused on the Tayra. But alas, it was bait. The sabre decloaked and bubbled the CFC fleet.  Vlad then launched his bomb called "The Ore Hammer" -- since it was built from local minerals afk mined in Deklein.

Ironically, yes, the CFC bomber armada was pushed off by a single bomb.

The end result

The battle report is on zkb.

When four of the CFC bombers were down, their FC immediately called for an evacuation back to Venal. No doubt the "spin" about the strat op was "we made them form" or "we harassed their tower". But the truth of it all is this: a mining alliance brought up one bomber, one Sabre, and one Tayra and withstood the largest coalition in the game.

Though the isk losses are minimal, the objectives were inconsequential, these are the stories that make us all giggle about World War Bee and so far, the paper tiger that we see called CFC.

RiotRick is a diplomat for SLYCE, one of the oldest industrial alliances of New Eden.

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