Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Maionez Varenie seems to truly enjoy PVPing. She's had a fun time dropping carriers on random procurers and she recently visited the Curse area again. But like any normal neighborhood, at some point, when you're a bully to everyone -- everyone will start ganging up on you. Such was the case when she visited the area with a Sleipner.

She bounced around a couple systems until finally, Fraternity., was able to catch up with her.

The setup with neighboring gangs...

[06:01:11] RiotRick > slepiner gorgon has cyno (carrier bait) fyi
[06:01:22] RiotRick > Maionez Varenie

The kill...

[06:09:34] Nirvoak Denullth > Kill: Maionez Varenie (Sleipnir) as u wish, my lord, the russian is dead

Sometimes yes, to defeat an enemy, you might want to tell their other enemies where to search for them. :-)

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