Friday, August 1, 2014

If it's too good to be true, it probably is

Somewhere deep in null, a procurer was sitting on an ice belt mining away without little regard. At least, to Protonchik, that's what it looked like.

Using his cloaky alt, Protonchik flew within 2000m of Nearien, the ice miner.  With his Ishtar, Protonchik scrams and starts shooting. But what turned out to be an easy kill became a nightmare for this killboard loving PVPer. Proton always flies with small gangs and tries to never get killed...but not today. This trap was especially for him...(we like killboard perfectionists).

Nearien took out his drones and hit hard on Proton's Ishtar, then the little old miner started warp scrambling back. Then several others started warping in to see what was hot at the ice belt. Within seconds, he was cooked and melted.


Protonchik brought in a small fleet after being killed.  The battle report can be found here.  The YouTube clip can be found here. Tirabi and friends from Courage and Madness, and The Guardians came in to respond to the criminal activity. 

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