Sunday, August 31, 2014

RvB Ganked Caracals Take Down Prized Hunt

Wanting to avoid a second week where the caracals didn't get a fight, RvB Ganked FC Manga Solaris led his public NPSI fleet to Providence, and it ended well with a grand brawl in 9KOE-A. But before they had that jolly good fight, they hunted for wabbits.

Yes, that's right, wabbits.  This time, their prize ship was Drag Naught's Dominix Navy Issue filled with blingy A-type membranes and faction mag stabs.

After filling their stomachs with wabbit meat, they gained enough energy and excitement to go after a similarly sized Ishtar fleet.

Friday, August 22, 2014

A slow but calculated response

There is a lesson to be learned about a recent POS bashing. 

Our story started with a small empty tower attacked with overwhelming force. good EEx and others in his corps shot at the tower, brought it into reinforced mode and then the empty tower garnered the interest of a titan bridged 30+ HAC fleet from Gorgon (lulz).

Faced with such numbers, a small group may not be able to respond immediately...but they can respond slowly and methodically to make sure proper balance is achieved:

Killboard green, plus the corpse is on the market...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Case Study: Kill on Sight tool also hurts CVA

CVA's Kill On Sight list

CVA's KoS tool is helpful for Providence residents because it allows them to see who is "safe" in local and who they can freely engage without violating their NRDS doctrine.

Any alliance, corp, or pilot could be added to the list as long as someone is able to submit a statement.  To Provi's eyes, once you are added, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Unfortunately to one Provi cyno pilot who ventured into low sec, this tool didn't work well in his favor. His first death ever on his account came from someone that was flagged as KoS and simply returned the favor.

Local: "That's Not Fair"

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Surviving a two carrier hot drop!

Anablue didn't intend this to be a capital escalation.

He was just a happy little miner wanting to get some ore until Majonez Varenie of the Gorgon Empire started attacking him in an expensive 370m Gila. His 30m procurer withstood for a while and backup started arriving.

What Majonez didn't realize, was that Alpha procurers have warp disruptors, so she couldn't warp out. What happened next was a surprise to all of us -- Majonez lit a cyno and brought in two expensive carriers, an Archon (pilot: Blackfishik) and Nidhoggur (pilot: makstomaks). Clearly, Gorgon Empire's escalation skills are elite!

Right when the Gila died, the Archon and Nidhoggur started locking ships on the field and pointed/neuted what they could.  Tirabi lost his Ishtar after helping drop Majonez and RiotRick was locked up, neuted, webbed, and warp disrupted by the two carriers. About 20 Einherji started hitting on Rick, but surprise -- the tank is buffed like a madman. Taxing his afterburners, and knowing that the carriers are too slow moving -- Rick and the rest got out.

Everyone and their mother started bringing out ships into the system, but Gorgon cyno'd out. Conclusion? Survived a hot drop, won the ISK war, and got important intel on capital pilots/ship types.

  • Full battle report
  • Gorgon losses: 378m Gila death
  • Locals:  30m procurer/292m Ishtar. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Nine Spectre Ninjas

TLDR: Bigger fleet cancelled, small gang of 9 stayed, went to Provi, killed 650m of ships, got surrounded by 30+ Provi response fleet, escaped because of hero pilot who reshipped ceptor with probes and got out through ncdot null.  To learn more about Spectre Fleet, click here.

The Brave Nine

Like all good stories, it started with a noble task. It was late (6:00 EVE time) and someone announced there was a high value target in Spectre fleet.

We banded together to chase after a Kronos, an expensive marauder-class ship that jumped into a wormhole. Unfortunately, the marauder jumped back to high sec after a failed tackle and the yet-to-arrive fleet was called off.

But there were nine that didn't want to give up the noble quest of EVE jihad.  Nine random strangers, forged together through a common bond -- the color of purple (NPSI). Courageous and maybe a little bit foolish, the nine chose to stay in fleet and find another fight.

These heroes were: Aritani Rimsan, Canttro Yarlax, CombatSmurf, Dominic Pierce, EMU EVILHarvestor II Harbinger, Prof HubertRiotRick, and Sir Jormor. Through a very thorough and diligent process, akin to throwing darts at a board, the group chose me, RiotRick, as fleet commander.

With a quick reship in Amarr, the kitchen sink fleet converted into two interceptors, one logi, and six T1 cruisers. We headed to KBP7 after seeing some activity, and the moment we landed on grid, we killed a Magnate, then a Malediction with 421 million ISK worth of cargo (op success!).

Then as we moved into B-WPLZ, we faced a small gang: Hound, Police Pursuit Comet, Maller, Exequror, and Brutix. [The full battle report is here.]

This is also where we suffered our first loss, Prof Hubert's crow, that served to be a blessing in disguise later on.

Trapped But Not Dead...Yet

My intent was to come in and out of the pocket fast; however, I didn't anticipate we'd immediately face off a small gang which gave Provi time to field a response fleet and facilitate a "road block" at KBP7-G.  And now our fleet was stuck with few choices. If we forced our way out, we'd be bubbled and would face immediate death. CombatSmurf did some hero scouting with his ceptor and was able to count almost thirty pilots with caracals, rapiers, enyos, ishtars, and hurricanes...then he died.

So we warped to TU-O0T to get some distance between us and the enemy fleet, and finally we looked at our options: (1) Die with no chance of taking anyone with us (2) Find a wormhole and fight on our own terms and escape.

Prof Hubert knowing his brothers in arms were trapped, came back into another interceptor with core probes. So we jumped all around our pocket of space to see if we could find a wormhole, and finally saw one in Y9-MDG. However, the enemy also knew our choices and already had a flycatcher waiting for us at the wormhole entrance.

As we warped in, he bubbled the entrance, and the Provi came in for the kill. I made the call to not engage and jump the hole, which saved most of us. Havestor II Harbinger got caught as he entered and had a solo fight and got us another kill, then the rest of Provi followed in and podded him.

Bouncing through random celestials inside the C6 wormhole (J122452), we were waiting for Prof Hubert to get his scans completed for our exit.  Dominic Pierce, Aritani Rimsan, and Canttro Yarlax were struck down in different engagements inside the hole, and out of nine ninjas, there were three left: Prof Hubert, RiotRick, and Sir Jormor.  [The full battle report is here.]

Once we found a hole to another part of EVE (ncdot null), we made best speed from null to low sec avoiding bubbles and small gate camps, and we managed to kill one more ship on the way home.


  • Fleet composition:
    • Cruisers, armor, 1 logi, 2 interceptors
    • Original #: 9
    • Surviving #: 3
  • ISK performance:
    • Loss: ~250m
    • Killed: ~650m
What made this roam exciting and slightly different from other small gang roams that I've been a part of was the fact that we were cornered by overwhelming numbers, trapped in a pocket with no k-space exit, and some of our ships were able to survive to fight another day. As one fleet member stated, "My adrenaline was pumping the whole time" because we were constantly on the run.

RiotRick is one of Alpha Republic's fleet commanders, a member of the Solyaris Chtonium (SLYCE) alliance, and a junior FC for Spectre Fleet.

Friday, August 1, 2014

If it's too good to be true, it probably is

Somewhere deep in null, a procurer was sitting on an ice belt mining away without little regard. At least, to Protonchik, that's what it looked like.

Using his cloaky alt, Protonchik flew within 2000m of Nearien, the ice miner.  With his Ishtar, Protonchik scrams and starts shooting. But what turned out to be an easy kill became a nightmare for this killboard loving PVPer. Proton always flies with small gangs and tries to never get killed...but not today. This trap was especially for him...(we like killboard perfectionists).

Nearien took out his drones and hit hard on Proton's Ishtar, then the little old miner started warp scrambling back. Then several others started warping in to see what was hot at the ice belt. Within seconds, he was cooked and melted.


Protonchik brought in a small fleet after being killed.  The battle report can be found here.  The YouTube clip can be found here. Tirabi and friends from Courage and Madness, and The Guardians came in to respond to the criminal activity.