Thursday, July 24, 2014

We're not friends

In EVE, there are high sec, low sec, and null sec areas.  Venturing into low  and null areas can be extremely dangerous, but can be very rewarding as well.  Such was the motivation of Luc Legrand, wanting to visit low sec to explore strange new worlds and find bounty rich NPCs.  Unfortunately for Luc, he kept his high sec habits, and when RiotRick gave him a fleet invite, he accepted.  And that's when his adventure ended.

Backstory from Riot

We tried to hail him in local and understand what he was doing in our little corner of space. We execute an NBSI policy in system. After failing to find him on the belts, I simply invited him to my fleet to see if he would accept. To my surprise, he accepted. End of story.

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