Friday, July 25, 2014

"Mining Our Own Business" Part 1

Miners in EVE never get a break. Their labor produces the weapons and ships that are then in turn used to kill them. It's a vicious cycle.

But what happens when a miner stops being a victim? The answer: fun.

Backstory from Nearien
We had about 5 procurers mining in Alachene, with a lone Ishtar guarding it with sentry drones.   

This was about the same time we moved some capitals around from a couple other systems, which made it a great opportunity to mine (for realz) and setup a trap at the same time.

We started seeing some activity of neutrals scouting the system, and expected a gank on our 5 poor procurers very soon.  When the gankers started pouring in, we quickly assigned fighters to the procurers and they became....super procurers!

The first attack came from Shadow Cartel's ishtar, who ate the first set of fighters and died. Instead of giving up, he brings in a neuting geddon friend (or alt) and he reships into a Dominix.  These also died.  By this time, we already had T3s, ships, etc come out of the wood works to help protect our poor little procurers.  Check, and mated.

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