Friday, September 29, 2017

Murrdurr's Ragnarok, 300 killmarks, dies to his own de-cloak

Doing everything right...except one mistake.

TLDR: Rag died.

Moving a titan through different parts of low sec can be a pretty scary ordeal.  Murrdurr knows how to move his ships and have avoided fake "freeport" citadels across New Eden.

With over 300 killmarks on his titan, a survivor of B-R, and most of the time involved in solo or small gang situations, he is well adept to getting out and surviving.

How he got caught

After he self destructed his cyno and got his titan in to a safe location, Murrdurr was happy, he was one step closer on his journey without anyone catching him.  Then he remembered he had extra cyno ships in his titan.  Maybe instead of going after a rookie ship and finding a cyno module elsewhere, he could just conveniently get the cyno ship from his cargo hold?  Yes, that will work...

"So it was a combination of bad luck, bad decisions and good hunting. I jumped to an SD cyno, fleet warped myself to a safe and cloaked the titan. NP.  GG.  new glass off wine.  Warped my cyno pod to the titan (bad decision) to get a new ship.  Just after I entered warp +1 local. I jetisoned a cyno ship and warped to another safe as I was decloaked by my own toon."

Wait, you died to your own decloak?

"Bounced twice and thought I was clear of probes so cloaked while I was getting my out cyno in position.  Pretty much, otherwise I'd have been safe..."

So there you go boys, in EVE, some folks are just baller combat probers. Despite your hyperspatial rigs, despite inertia stabs - someone can still actually work CCP's new EVE probing UI with no problem.

He wanted to give some kudos to the hunters that killed him:

"Well done to the guys on being super on the ball"

Special thanks to Murrdurr for providing this point of view and last screenshot of his rag.

Gallitin is a new writer for Venturing Into Eve.  A high sec freighter pilot that likes to cyno hunt from time to time.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tau AD: The Master Baiter of the first Vanquisher

Tau AD's greatest catch

Tau AD is the leader, and main fleet commander (FC) of Project Mayhem, a low sec PVP alliance. A day or so after killing the most expensive capital in New Eden, he sat down with me to talk about his Vanquisher kill.

A kill valued almost $5,800 USD according to zkillboard.

2 boring ops and 1 good one

After 3 ops spanning over 7.5 hours, Tau AD finally got his prize. Twice now, Ghost Legion members have ignored his attempts at baiting, but this time he had the perfect plan.

He would use something more unorthodox to bait them: a fake battle.

He contacted achtung partizanen, a Russian wormhole group, and Really Strong Alliance, a low sec gang, to bait out Ghost Legion in the low sec system of Maila.

They would wait for a wormhole to spawn, and achtung would pretend to close it with a dread. Really Strong Alliance would come in and play as if they tackled the dread.

The Imperfect Hole

For hours, Tau AD waited and finally saw a wormhole spawn, he was initially overjoyed until he realized it was a C2.

Tau AD: "Yes we got lucky and had c2 wormhole in Maila...which can't let dread pass."

Would Ghost Legion fall for the trick knowing that dreads actually can't go through a C2? With chances getting slim and another weekend about to end, he made the call to ping. Prep up, it's game on!

achtung warped in a dread pretending to close a wormhole, and Really Strong Alliance's scout cyno'd in a fleet on top of the dread. With CONCORD rules being violated in low sec, local started blinking like a Christmas tree.

The bait was set.  The entire solar system knew there was a fight.

Within a few minutes, Ghost Legion warped in a scout to the cyno.  Based on the ships on grid, Ghost Legion raged formed a Bhaalgorn fleet with 6 Apostles, and logged in supers, and titans. Shortly thereafter, they warped the fleet to the "fake battle" and started engaging Really Strong Alliance's fleet.

Really Strong Alliance counter escalated with dreads and wiped out Legion's faxes almost instantly.

Adrenaline's Hubris: Supers, undock!

Not satisfied with their performance and losses versus an inferior alliance that pretends to be strong, Ghost Legion reshipped into tanky T3Cs and Guardians. They came back on grid to continue the battle. Thanks to Strong's logistics (fax), and to the Legion's Guardians, neither side could break each other.

For almost 30 minutes, both sides attempted to shoot each other to no avail. No one was dying.

Finally, Ghost Legion's FC had enough. "Supers, undock!"

The call was made to bring the big toys.  It's time to put this matter to an end.  The Legion's plan was simple, warp in at range and let fighter bombers take care of the rest.


Tau AD saw 8 supers, and then unexpectedly, a Vendetta undocked as well as...a Vanquisher!  The supers fleet warped and the Vanquisher went to a separate ping about 100km away from the super blob.  As the supers attempted to volley Really Strong Alliance, and as the Vanquisher initiated a doomsday, Tau AD was spamming combat probes.  The combat probes would allow him to warp to the enemy instantly.

With his heart pounding, he decloaked to get the warp in to the most expensive catch that he will ever have in his entire life!  And then....bug.

"Dude fuck CCP," complained an exposed Tau AD. "I scanned the Vanquisher first time to 100% but couldn't warp to it."

Thankfully, after spamming the warp button and punching his desk over and over again, the stars aligned, and he was able to warp.

Landing on top of the Vanquisher, he lit his cyno to bring in the rest of Project Mayhem and Tau AD's allies, Snuff.  The rest as they history.

Special thanks from Tau

Hy Wanto Destroyer - Snuff FC
Tek Enetheru - Project Mayhem FC
All the actors.

RiotRick is a diplomat for SLYCE, one of the oldest industrial alliances of New Eden.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

One Bomber Holds The Line vs Goon Strat Op Fleet

The Goons are coming! Strat op all the things!

In World War Bee, Goons have been known to utilize hit and run tactics and leverage their siege bomber fleets effectively against entities that do not know how to deal with them. Bunched up together, these bombers are like mini-dreadnaughts. Then enter the industrial alliance called SLYCE, who was busy having fun brawls with Pandemic Horde and was stuck in the Fade region.

Scouts initially detected that the 22 bombers were after a small POS that was yet to be onlined. Yes, looking for some sort of victory, the Goons wanted to send a message that they too could kill structures, that their bark was real and that today -- this day -- an offline POS would go down. Marked as a strategic objective and pinged a couple times, Get Off My Lawn and Goonswarm Federation pilots bridged into Venal, with their flags running high on marching orders to harass SLYCE and kill this POS.

The SLYCE response: one bomber, one Tayra, and one sabre.

The SLYCE response was slightly more timid: "Oh it's those bombers again, LOL". Led by elite mining FC, Vlad Starlord, it was his mission to fend off the CFC bomber armada and to save a tower that was not online yet. Initially, the "battle" started with the CFC fleet bouncing around different pings, attempting to get better position on POSes to shoot them at optimal range. They were also trying to avoid the lone SLYCE sabre, piloted by fpshacker, who kept warping to their group and cloaking up.

Using a solo bomber, Vlad was able to finally navigate around their fleet as they tried to hit the offline POS. The SLYCE mining FC immediately asked the Tayra industrial pilot to warp to the offline POS and put fuel blocks/stront on it. Frustrated that it was now going online, the Goons immediately refocused on the Tayra. But alas, it was bait. The sabre decloaked and bubbled the CFC fleet.  Vlad then launched his bomb called "The Ore Hammer" -- since it was built from local minerals afk mined in Deklein.

Ironically, yes, the CFC bomber armada was pushed off by a single bomb.

The end result

The battle report is on zkb.

When four of the CFC bombers were down, their FC immediately called for an evacuation back to Venal. No doubt the "spin" about the strat op was "we made them form" or "we harassed their tower". But the truth of it all is this: a mining alliance brought up one bomber, one Sabre, and one Tayra and withstood the largest coalition in the game.

Though the isk losses are minimal, the objectives were inconsequential, these are the stories that make us all giggle about World War Bee and so far, the paper tiger that we see called CFC.

RiotRick is a diplomat for SLYCE, one of the oldest industrial alliances of New Eden.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Great Bubble March of Scalding Pass: Goons Wage War vs Indy Alliance

An introduction

SLYCE is an old industrial alliance that supports and funds public fleets (e.g. Spectre's Cloaky Ninjas).

We are the guys that build your ships like procurers and stealth bombers in trade hubs. Some of the guys delivering your goods in low and null sec for hauling corps are delivered by SLYCE alts.

We also operate the only freeport in Wicked Creek, welcoming everyone as long as they don't touch the structures. However, strangely enough, Goons, CFC / Imperium's Reavers attacked and entosis'd the freeport. There were reservations and apologies sent in private but it was done apparently because Asher Elias, the Reavers FC, simply couldn't find an open timer.

So the stage was set...Asher was set on ensuring that the freeport became....a freeport (???).

The Great Bubble March of Scalding Pass

The day prior, I saw Goons immediately head shot two TEST fleet commanders. It ended a battle very quickly in F-QQ5N, and it would have shaped up to be a decent fight especially since we just started joining (we came from another op). However, once the FCs died, TEST called for an extract and we followed suit. According to what I heard on comms, Asher was apparently under orders to be jerks and to make it 'no fun'.

Because of this, I knew the favor had to be returned in principle.

By knowing their staging areas and approximate time when they would be coming, we started dropping Mobile Depots and Medium to Large warp bubbles on every corner, of every gate, of every angle from their Curse station to their destination. Secondly, we created a bombing solution that would have ensured a glorious death if they took the primary route (highlighted as 'red' below).

Goon scouts came in and reported back "I see dozens in local but nothing on d-scan and more bubbles". Asher, being one of the Goons' most experienced FCs immediately recognized what that was: death by stealth bombers.

Recognizing the risk, he thought of bypassing the SLYCE pipe by utilizing the route northwards. "The rest of this space isn't their territory, surely, the bubbles wouldn't be in these areas..." But alas, no. There were more bubbles. On every gate, at every angle.

More bubbles than a Russian bott...ratter.

Messages of Hope

On top of every gate, on every bubble, messages of hope were anchored in space.

"You could be with your spouse right now..."

"Video games are supposed to be fun..."

"A real FC respects his team's sleep..."

These 'messages of hope' created an environment of love and care that hopefully removed at least some of the pain of having to manually burn to the gate.

We did take our time creating these phrases. It took the team at least 30 minutes to formulate these touching words of expression.

The End of the March

Once the Imperium forces were able to burn through the bubbles, the timer was finally done, and the nodes decloaked, the 148-man fleet (dscan) started going system by system in the R-M719 constellation. Goons and friends finally settled in Q-GHN.

One of the very first casualties was a SLYCE scout, Marrus Day, and his battle procurer.  It is a tradition, that every battle must begin with a procurer and his beacon of hope (cyno).

Today's story isn't necessarily about the outcome.  The true narrative is what happened behind the scenes, the various pilots that manufactured the warp bubbles, launched them, and created the most unfun march of any battle since the invention of tidi.

And thank you, for the priceless reddit reactions we got for The Great Bubble March of Scalding Pass...


SLYCE Diplomat

P.S. Ensuring fair and balanced news, we let the reader decide.

Editor's Note: Asher responds on the FC headshots commentary...

"This [TEST intel] is totally inaccurate. Like I said in the other thread the only FCs I know for Test are Naliao Vee and Trafalgar. If they aren't FCing I lacked the capability to headshot them. If you listen to my podcast you'll know I like to do things to increase the challenge level for me (for instance: for several months I didn't use probes in fleet fights to prepare for the proposed fleet warp changes). Well this deployment I decided not to use any human intel, so I didn't have any inside information so the only way I could determine FCs was if they were in a special ship or if they were clearly the anchor. On top of that I didn't call for any headshots unless the opposing FC attempted one on me first. I don't see how people can get upset by that policy.

Lastly "I had orders to make it no fun" couldn't be more wrong. This was my deployment, I choose guys so we'd come down and have slightly less to even numbers to Test. The Lawn FC wanted to drop caps in Test's staging system which I thought was a guaranteed death but he thought it'd be fun so I said "go for it". Other GSF FCs were asking me every day if they could come down and third party on these fights "I can bring a tengu fleet" and most of the time I straight up told them no, but when I did relent I told them they could only bring a tackle fleet and nothing else. So given all that I really have no idea why Test would claim I was "ordered" to make it unfun when I tried my damndest to make sure everyone was on roughly even terms. "

SLYCE recognition

  • Primary FC - Vladimir Khurelem
  • Bubble team Rav (SRI CEO), Izzy, Kast, Neph, Ted/Thomas/eXtreme Co, Abigor
  • Entosis team The entosis teams led by Izzy and Neph
  • Logi/rep bros and triage pilots led by Kast, Elo, and Wrent
  • To all those that actually stayed up for this ungodly timer...thank you!  

Special thanks

  1. To Alpha Republic's The Last Don (TLD) and SLYCE's head exec, SoHo White, for their support in supplying our ships.
  2. To TEST bros for standing side by side on the front lines.
  3. To Pandemic Legion bros for nuking the Goons' flank. <3 Ron, hero of the small guys.
  4. To Triumvirate bros for repping and protecting entosis squads. ibn, Garst, etc.
  5. To Fraternity, Honorable Third Party, and other bros that ran interference against Goon tackle, and ensured capsules were quickly wiped out.

Monday, November 10, 2014

CODE. ganker gets ganked, tears collected

CODE. has been known to publish kills of the week and their victims' tears on their online role playing site, However, this week, the role was flipped when a New Order agent was caught in an area not typical of CODE., as 99% of their RP time are in high sec.

On this occasion, the hunter became the hunted, the ganker got ganked in the low sec system of Tama.

You see, a group of Spectre Ninjas saw Piir8 violating the free movement of station traffic, as he constantly harassed ships docking to the Tama station. His actions were so consistent and so uniformed that he looked like a bot aspirant. The end result of his illegal activities?  A group of ninjas came in and blew him up in seconds.  (See killmail.)

The most important part of this event though were the tears in local, they had the taste of sweet wine as they were squeezed out and collected.  A fair warning, you will notice disparaging, derogatory remarks that maybe in violation of EVE policies.

[ 2014.11.03 01:36:25 ] RiotRick > gf
[ 2014.11.03 01:36:26 ] wolfvaine > gf
[ 2014.11.03 01:36:27 ] Odyr Atram > gf
[ 2014.11.03 01:36:27 ] Dexirian Orlenard > gf
[ 2014.11.03 01:36:27 ] Rfent > gf
[ 2014.11.03 01:36:27 ] Neza Jorel > gf
[ 2014.11.03 05:20:53 ] Piir8 > you guys dont know how to pvp
[ 2014.11.03 05:21:02 ] Piir8 > thats why you cyno thorax lmao
[ 2014.11.03 05:21:15 ] milandinia > Kill: Piir8 (Vagabond) well, whatever works
[ 2014.11.03 05:21:12 ] Trevor2014 Gunson > U MAD BRO
[ 2014.11.03 05:21:19 ] Piir8 > ya im mad
[ 2014.11.03 05:21:30 ] Piir8 > Kill: Captain Stupid (Capsule) your whole collective daily kb in one kill
[ 2014.11.03 05:21:31 ] Piir8 > gg wp
[ 2014.11.03 05:21:36 ] Piir8 > enjoy your dropsies
[ 2014.11.03 05:21:38 ] BUBAKAR MAHAHA > u mad brah
[ 2014.11.03 05:21:51 ] BUBAKAR MAHAHA > u should get permit
[ 2014.11.03 05:22:20 ] Piir8 > was my cheapest loss too
[ 2014.11.03 05:22:21 ] Piir8 > gg wp
[ 2014.11.03 05:25:00 ] Piir8 > /ga,e
[ 2014.11.03 05:25:06 ] Piir8 > game match set wat
[ 2014.11.03 05:25:56 ] Piir8 > check my killboard before you talk, faggots.
[ 2014.11.03 05:26:04 ] Piir8 > my tag and what i do are two different things.
[ 2014.11.03 05:26:08 ] milandinia > did u use the f word?
[ 2014.11.03 05:26:16 ] Kali Starchaser > Im up to about 50b isk in kills
[ 2014.11.03 05:26:16 ] Piir8 > dont care cryfag.
[ 2014.11.03 05:26:29 ] Piir8 > wow 50b? thats a half a week average
[ 2014.11.03 05:26:38 ] Piir8 > gg wp baddies
[ 2014.11.03 05:26:41 ] BUBAKAR MAHAHA > why u mad
[ 2014.11.03 05:26:46 ] BUBAKAR MAHAHA > it's only game
[ 2014.11.03 05:27:12 ] Piir8 > be back in a few
[ 2014.11.03 05:27:29 ] Piir8 > hope you fags are still here typing in an empty local (besides your cyno blop lawl)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Black ops (BLOPS) is a thang


Don't have 100 billion to spend to be able to hot drop on someone using titan bridges? The next best thing is via cloaked black ops battleships that can bridge vessels such as stealth bombers into a fight from far away distances.

The setup is typically done this way:

  1. Multiple cloaked alts spread out in low sec or high sec ["hunter killers"]
  2. Once the cloaky hunter finds a target, he warp scrambles it and lights a covert cyno
  3. Black ops fleet drops in and kills the target
  4. Fleet cloaks up and disappears
  5. Fleet can then bridge back to the staging area using a return covert cyno alt

Here's a great example of a well executed BLOPs attempt:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Maionez Varenie seems to truly enjoy PVPing. She's had a fun time dropping carriers on random procurers and she recently visited the Curse area again. But like any normal neighborhood, at some point, when you're a bully to everyone -- everyone will start ganging up on you. Such was the case when she visited the area with a Sleipner.

She bounced around a couple systems until finally, Fraternity., was able to catch up with her.

The setup with neighboring gangs...

[06:01:11] RiotRick > slepiner gorgon has cyno (carrier bait) fyi
[06:01:22] RiotRick > Maionez Varenie

The kill...

[06:09:34] Nirvoak Denullth > Kill: Maionez Varenie (Sleipnir) as u wish, my lord, the russian is dead

Sometimes yes, to defeat an enemy, you might want to tell their other enemies where to search for them. :-)